Project Condom

Condoms, condoms everywhere, you’re going to get…fashionably clad?

That’s right, as SHHUGA’s (Sexual Health Helpers of UGA) inaugural season of Project Condom launched this past Tuesday night; we learned condoms do not just protect us from sexually transmitted infections.

Condoms can be the stuff of wonderful couture.

More than that, condoms can be conversation starters, a pop culture reference or even used as political statements.

A combination of fashion, competition and educational skits, Project Condom brought to the forefront in its hour and a half show, an important discussion on the proper use of condoms and the significance of removing the stigma around its use.

For the competition, there were three heats with a total of 15 designers competing.

Of the 15 designs, three especially stood out according to the competition’s judges and the audience: design numbers 15, 4 and 6.

Number 15 was known simply by its theme title, “Victoria’s Secret is That She Uses Condoms”.

The green and black dress included a set of black Victoria’s Secret’s signature wings attached to the back, constructed completely of condoms.

Over 300 condoms were used to make the Victoria’ Secret-inspired wings alone.

Number 15 took third place overall in the competition.

Number 4, designed by Lauren Boothby and modeled by Stephanie Dana was wholly inspired by Beyoncé and her song “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” with its theme: “If you like it, put a condom on it!”

Number 4 was a leotard constructed entirely of black and silver condoms.

Number 4 took second place in the competition.

Number 6 was designed by JoAnna Schofill and modeled by Whitney Knight and titled as “The Fit that Flatters.” This dress was short in the front with a long blue back and four green straps in the back.

Number 6 was unique among the other entries. It was the only dress without a ready-made dress base. Number 6 was a vast collection of about 900 condoms hand-sewn together.

Schofill’s message, according to her onstage interview, was to remind every one to “find the right fit for you, and to use a condom every time.”

Number 6 won first place overall in the Project Condom competition.

The skits presented during Project Condom ranged from comedic to solemn as they presented different issues surrounding condom use, safer sex practices and tips on how to enhance communication in intimate relationships.

The skit, “As the Virus Churns” addressed the problems that can arise with the combination of alcohol and sex. Furthermore, it stressed the importance of using a condom every time.

“Faces of HIV” was a haunting illustration of how HIV can infect anyone of any race, sex or circumstance.

It also emphasized the importance of honest, straightforward communication in romantic relationships and sticking to your own convictions about condoms:

“I am HIV. My boyfriend said, ‘trust me’; he didn’t know he had it.”

The last skit, “Condom Girl” was a comedic and informative piece that described each step in using a condom properly to ensure maximum protection and contraception.

If you would like to know more about correct condom usage and other safer sex practices, the following links are useful: (How to use condoms and myths about them) (General (sex positive) information about sexual health from the University Health Center at UGA.)

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